I did a quick addition of reins to the dinosaur.

What I need to next is to add some Greenstuff onto the saddle to look like the two bits are joined together. My original idea was to keep the saddle and dinosaur separate and spray them in two pieces to aid painting. The problem with this is that the reins will not join. If, however, I glue the saddle down then I can build up the Greenstuff and blend in the reins.

I also fired up the printer and did a test print or two…

This was to ensure things were working before I started on this guy…

Complete with tree support

There was an awful lot of support on this miniature. I decided to give tree support a go. He looks like this when he is freed…

This chappy took 2 hours and 50 minutes to print. You can really see the amount of support in the background, along with a cold one to show scale. This is the first of my Kroxigor that I can print. Unfortunately when I was taking the supports off I managed to semi snap the weapon haft. I might get the Greenstuff out tomorrow and strengthen the break by adding some cord (or something similar). The thing on the floor sits on top to make a rather large and scary hitting thing.

I will see how this paints up before I print any more off – but knowing how I tick I will no doubt forget this and print all six off before it dawns on me that I did indeed have a plan!

Let me know your thoughts on whether or not to glue the saddle on before spraying everything white.

7 thoughts on “Reins and 3D Printing

  1. Normally, I’d paint in as few a bits as possible! The exception for me would be large models or very three dimensional ones (i.e. ones that stick out in all directions) and I’d tend to put this one in that category. I’d also leave unpainted areas where the glue will contact between the bits after painting, to get the best bond!


  2. Looks good. I’m in the glue everything into one piece and painting it that ways camp. I prime in black with a zenithal spray so figure if I can’t get the brush in to paint it it probably won’t be seen anyway.



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