I tried to get these finished tonight… I got so close, but didn’t make it…

Saddle chain, bridle metalwork and the bases to do.

Although not finished, I am really pleased with these. They look how I wanted them to look.

I now have a Mammoth wrapping session to get through before bed. Two of the kids are getting miniatures tomorrow. My youngest is getting some Games Wotkshop Space Marines and my eldest is getting some more miniatures for her Harry Potter game.

So with Christmas Eve soon drawing to a close, I thought I had better check on the location of Mr Beardy…


At the time of writing this he had left Copenhagen and was heading to Alta in Norway… he is getting closer to Shetland….

Wishing all of you who celebrate it a Merry Christmas and if you don’t may you have a awesome day anyway.

All the Best


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