Well I managed to get some paint onto the tracks of the French tanks tonight. I gave them a couple of coats of Basilicanum (or whatever it is called) Contrast paint…

I also managed to get the metalwork done on the chains on the back of the Char B’s.

I also managed to print my MkIII too. Yesterday I must have turned the knob as I pressed print and ended up with the LRDG set.

I have bothered photographing as it is a black (printed) MKIII, but it does look rather spiffy, on the allied tank front I was looking for the desert yellow for the French tank and came across this….

I will be able to spray the tanks with this, it might not be totally accurate, but it is better than the desert yellow.

Next thing on the tanks is to paint on the markings and possibly a roundel too….

As the dog had stolen my jam doughnut I thought I would add some Markings to them. I was going to do them in red or blue, but I am now thinking I would leave them in white for the second company with first and second platoon. If I want to be accurate (🤣🤣😂🤣) I will need to change the colour of one of the Char B’s to red or blue as there were only three of them per platoon.

On the car front, we are off to pick up a little runabout tomorrow evening, so by Friday we should have wheels again.

I have checked the piggy bank and I could get a DBA Samurai army from Tin Soldier that wouldn’t break the bank….hmmmm what to do!😱

6 thoughts on “French Tanks…and a MKIII

  1. I think the markings work well in white on the camouflaged vehicles. Later sources on French markings seem to disagree with some earlier sources, so just assume you can’t be wrong! I might just copy your Somuas, ’cause they’re looking good! I’ve got books on the subject, which is why I’m still confused!
    Good news about the car – get the price down by haggling and then use what you save to fund the DBA samurai army! You could maybe not let on about that bit though!

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