So tonight I did a smidge more painting, I painted 4 Lizardmen.

Basically the four grey ones. Whilst feeling quite pleased with myself, I suddenly remembered that I had all of the mesoamerican terrain to paint too. I don’t know why I hadn’t remembered the statues as I have to move them every time I open the paint box lid.

It was a nice drive over to work from a meeting in Lerwick today.

Tomorrow I intend to make a start on the tanks. It was my intention to print some more off this evening, but sadly my good lady forgot to bring our laptop home with her so I couldn’t get any sliced.

8 thoughts on “Random Stuff…Lizards…Again

  1. Not sure if you’re a Hitchhikers’s Guide To The Galaxy fan, but the fact that you don’t see the statues is because the SEP field generator is working correctly! An SEP field (Somebody Else’s Problem) prevents people from seeing something they don’t want to see, or don’t expect to see, and it even has a Wikipedia entry now! Takes me back – I really need to read those books again!
    Nice pics!

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  2. The landscape (seascape?) shots are amazing as always, though what you’ve written about storms in the past would definately give me pause. As for the statues, go old-school! Spray black, then drybrush, drybrush and drybrush again until they’re done. One afternoon and finished. Or maybe rope the kids into doing it for you! 😉

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