I made some more progress on the big bug tonight…It took over 2 hours to paint the bulb.

Not exactly what was in my head, but skill and vision ain’t exactly the same thing. That is not to say I am not happy with it, indeed it looks better in real life than in the photo, the problem was that the blending didn’t go exactly to plan, the darker colour was drying faster than I could get the lighter colour in.

Hopefully I can get him finished tomorrow and then get a bit further on with my fleet rescue pilot (proxy).

I put some very thinned light blue paint over the white to try and get a shade into the crevices. I will give her a dry brush of white to lighten the suit up a bit.

It is certainly getting towards that time of year as there is still a fair bit of light in the western sky.

Soon we will have about 22 hours of daylight and no real darkness.

10 thoughts on “Plasma Bug WIP

      1. It depends on a number of factors but used sparingly and using acrylics as an undercoat not that long. Painted in the evening they would be fine by the morning. If it is of interest I published a post on the pros of oil paints which might be of interest. You will find it on my blog under the tutorial menu.

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