The two story house just finished, but as I said in the previous post the ground floor is the same.

Here we have a comparison of the two. 50% and 60% of the full size.

I am going to go with the 50% size as I think it will look the best.

Here we have the two story version…

Unfortunately I printed the wrong size upper roof. I say unfortunately as although printing a new one should be Easy Peasy, it sadly is not as one of my dear, dear children have totally destroyed the laptop screen. Therefore we will have to somehow get it to Unst and then see if he can fix it before he can somehow get it back to us!

I can now only print the things on my micro SD card. Bugger!

5 thoughts on “Desert Dwelling Update.

  1. That upper floor does look good! Maybe the little mishap is the laptop’s way of saying “have a break (excuse the pun) from printing and paint some stuff”! The printed 38(t)s look good now they’ve had a coat of paint by the way!

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