So I decided to print a few different bits and bobs tonight… I decided on a bit of Sci-Fi theme…

A couple of barricades and a big alien plant. The barricades took about an hour each and the plant just under two hours. There is another Alien plant on the build plate just now, this is a different one to the one above and has about another 45 minutes to go. I have some other barricades and a couple of vehicles downloaded. They just need slicing. The issue I am having is that the PLA is running down and as it gets towards the end of the spool then it kinks up as it is tighter.

Looking at the other plant, I haven’t got a clue how I am going to get it off the print bed 😱😱😱

The other thing I printed tonight was the night fiend as the one last night had a bit of bad luck.

Viewing discretion is advised as he doesn’t look a pretty sight!

I am not sure what happened to knock him off his base… it might simply be that he hadn’t stuck properly to it. Either that or the nozzle did something weird and smacked into the wings. Either way I printed another one.

Here he is with his full wing capability.

I decided to support I’ll gotten games through Patreon as it only seemed fair that I have got another two of their games ready to print… not to mention 101 other things they have designed.

10 thoughts on “3D printing…. Sci-Fi and the Spaghetti Monster

  1. Oooo, I hate when that happens! I’ve come to call that a bird’s nest! It’s funny, when I clean my glass bed, it takes several prints to get every thing back to sticking again, but it the plate gets too much glue, it screws with the print alignment too! It’s a fine line between air printing and a finished part, but when it’s working, it truly feel like making magic!

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      1. I think it is more my conscience that stops me too, if someone puts it up free it is a bit shitty to make money out of it… if that makes sense. As I said some designers are fine with it being sold provided they get a percentage. I’ll gotten Games have a Patreon pledge available that allows commercial sal3s of their designs. I am still at the messing about stage as opposed to making my 3D millions 😁

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