I printed off the last components from the game tonight…

My four dread folk were printed over last night.

Unfortunately they were stuck down really well into the base plate, so much so that I pulled one’s legs off! Luckily he superglued back together quite easily, but I did strengthen the legs with superglue and bicarbonate.

Can you see which one?

I also got the last of the tokens finished. The boon tokens were easy enough to print and took 35 minutes a set (I needed 4 sets).

The final things I printed tonight were the cultist bodies and then the the separate arms.

The arms worked well too and as they can be put in various positions I kind of got four different looking figures…

Tomorrow I will get everything out and make sure I have missed nothing out.

Although these came free from Thingiverse from Dutchmogul and credit must be given to him. He from a company called Ill gotten games (http://www.illgottengames.net/whoweare). I will certainly be looking at some of their civilian miniatures.


These again are good value working out about a quid a miniature STL file.

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