Well as it was bloody freezing again tonight I thought I would bring the printer into the house as it was getting lonely out there. Furthermore my good lady and daughter had gone out for the evening ๐Ÿ˜‰

I levelled the bed again and bloody hell it worked, maybe it was happy to see me!

I ran a few things through it. The downside was I couldn’t tell what gcode was what so it was pot luck with the coffins. The first one was only the coffin lid, I managed to print a coffin second time around.

After that I thought sod it and printed a giant spider.

The base is 63.5mm across so quite a big chappy. This is printed using the stock printer profile. Fat Dragon supply both a miniature and a terrain profile, but I am having some trouble with the slicer so I couldn’t use the better one. The other thing is the legs are out by about a millimetre. This is probably caused by a ‘z’ belt slackness. I will put a photo onto the Fat Dragon forum and see what they think.

After the spider I tried to print what I thought was another coffin….

This is roughly 25mm to a side.

I will have a bash at printing the mausoleum tomorrow night…. wish me luck!

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