I managed to get a bit more paint on him tonight.

Still some work to go, but I am now at the ‘there is something still wrong with him’ point, it might be that he isn’t on a proper base. Or it might just be that the colours are wrong. He has been really easy to paint and to be honest hasn’t taken that long to get to this point.

He was actually meant to be for Azazel’s December Community painting challenge…. errrr but he ended up in November….Luckily I have some other heroic or Anti heroic types that can be painted up.

I decided on a tanned leather coloured coat as opposed to the rotting flesh colour I had done on the previous ones.

The flayed face looks particularly disturbing on the colpack

I will crack on with him tomorrow… and may make a start on something else.

I have a doggy (Ostarian) Hussar that will be an ADC, there is also my Orc gentleman, but most likely Rogipoos will be the one to go for….

4 thoughts on “Kryptofski Ghoul Officer,

  1. He’s come along nicely mate. Remember, if you finish him in December then it counts. Doesn’t matter when you started. Of course, you can always do a second model, or a third, or…


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